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John Dorman, Stillwater:

"Mr. Simmons expertly handles all aspects of litigation from investigation through discovery, dispositive motions, trial and appeal. He excels in the courtroom, communicating persuasively and effectively across diverse populations. He has an exceptional capacity to present complex legal, financial and scientific information in the simplest accurate manner."

Tulsa Police Sergeant after jury trial in federal court:

"Mr. Simmons came to court prepared and motivated. He displayed a vastly superior grasp of the issues and the law. His courtroom demeanor was excellent. Based on my thirty years in law enforcement I would categorize his performance as outstanding."

Tulsa City Attorney following jury trial in state court:

"Larry... Judge _______ wanted me to know about your exceptional performance in her courtroom as the City's attorney in a jury case she had just concluded. The jury was out for 15 minutes before rendering its verdict in the City's favor.... Your performance as the City's attorney was 'stellar.'"

Don, private client in Tulsa:

"i thought i knew everything about him, but i had no idea. once we got inside the courtroom he was a million dollar professional and way better than any other lawyer i've seen in person or on tv. he took my ex's testimony apart step by step and piece by piece until she literally exploded into a screaming temper tantrum. we walked out of that courthouse with a complete victory that day and i will never forget it."